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Grand Theft Auto 2

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Grand Theft Auto 2

Explore anything and wherever you want in the US while hijacking cars, stealing money and running away from cops in this open action game for PlayStation 1 - Grand Theft Auto 2! Follow the story and experience an intense life filled with vices in this game. Grand Theft Auto 2 is an open world action adventure video released in 1999 for a variety of platforms, including the PlayStation 1 (PS1). The city in the game is divided into three “districts” with a total of seven fictional criminal gangs, which are mostly mutually exclusive. Unlike the more modern Grand Theft Auto games from the series, the GTA 2 has an overhead perspective similar to its predecessor. Explore the city on foot or while driving various vehicles in this fun open world game where you can do almost anything!

  • 2020-10-31 09:57:58