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Free online play Sonic Games

Free Sonic Games online

Free sonic games the best time awaits you here. Play the best Sonic games on this site! We have a variety of games like Mario and Sonic, Sonic Colors and Sonic Mario, along with many more great Sonic games! All for free and you can play directly in the browser window without downloading. Sonic is a character for video games (and cartoons) developed by Sega. Over the years, Sonic has become one of Sega's leading characters. He's not just a hedgehog, he's a blue speeding hedgehog! Sonic can run really fast, and when he lands on the ball, he can move even faster and hit his enemies with the knives of his spikes. This technique is Sonic's famous Spin Attack. The first Sonic game appeared in 1991, and Sonic The Hedgehog has remained a popular character ever since. So we searched the internet to make the best collection of Sonic games you can play, like Sonic 1, Fantasy Sonic X, Sonic RPG 7 and Sonic 7. But we also have other Sonic games that contain some of the other favorite characters from the Sonic series, like Sonic Sun Knuckles and Sonic Shadows! We have a lot of Sonic games for you, try them all.