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Free online play Fire and water games

Free Fire and water games online

Here you can read everything you need to know about Fireboy & Watergirl games Try the fire and water game . This is currently the best and most popular game for children and adults in the whole world. You can play it alone or in pairs, which will make this game even more interesting. Collaborate with your friend and successfully pass all levels. You should know that Fireboy is immune to fire and Wathergirl is immune to water. The goal is for each of them to reach their door with a red or blue sign. so you can move on to the next level. Your Fireboy friend can only collect red diamonds along the way, and Watergirl only has to grab blue gems. Green diamonds can be picked up by both. If Fire and Water mix, they will be destroyed! The challenging collection gives you complete control over Fireboy and Watergirl characters. You can move each character at the same time to move through different levels. All water and fire games contain a mysterious temple filled with jewels. Transfer the handles to the forest, visit the ice arena and activate the moving platforms. Try to collect all the gems you see, the faster the better! All Fire and Water games in this collection have puzzles. Each mysterious temple contains unique features that can challenge you at every turn. Ceakju vas the ice temple, temple of light, forest temple and crystal temple. When you are in a forest one element must hold the keys while the other element passes. The Temple of Light is filled with special mirrors and detectors and your two favorite characters can reflect light in different directions to solve each puzzle. In the crystal temple you can experiment with special portals. Teleport across each area to pick up all the gems in record time! Watergirl and Fireboy is a fantastic online game and a real adventure awaits you! One of the most popular adventures is Fireboy and Watergirl temple of ice and light temple. Here you can find all parts of the popular fireboy and watergirl game. Character management controls are Fireboy: Arrows Watergirl: W, A, S, D