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Free online play Farm games

Free Farm games online

Free farm games the best time awaits you here. Playing village games means managing your own animals, crops and tools. Now, with our challenging games, you can enjoy the fun and own your land! Solve puzzles while planting seeds, growing crops that we hope will succeed nicely. Fight pests that try to eat your crops and compete with neighboring farmers. In some of our farm challenges, you can turn your crops into various products and sell them in different markets! In some games you can move your business abroad to a Celtic village and start your own dynasty in Europe. You can also relax while gardening and you can also raise bees in our farm games. Children of all ages will be able to have fun playing our colorful adventures featuring fun characters and a variety of challenges. Grow fruit on trees, plant vegetable seeds and buy picking equipment that you can actually drive! In some challenges on the farm, you can even play like chickens, running on the ground laying eggs. If you like cows, play one of our games in which you will fight against time so that you can milk all the cows before it's too late.